Let’s be honest, in this world of 9-5 blue collar jobs, there are always those of you that stand apart from the rest. Some of you are artists, some, magnificent players of sports, and some, entrepreneurs with a fascinating vision for the future.

In this piece, I’m talking to you, entrepreneurs.

Now, not every entrepreneur is a high-flying personality with an abundance of money, time, and resources. In fact, the ones I am talking to in here are –  if you look into yourselves – are young, ambitiously creative, but attuned, whether you know it or not, for life from coworking spaces. At least, at this stage of your startups’ lives. Curious to know why? Here are 4 reasons why coworking spaces are awesome for startups:

1. You save a lot of money

When you decide to move into a coworking space to help your business flourish, you need certain amenities. Now, with a standard lease, it often isn’t necessary that you get these at the beginning (if at all you get them).

With a coworking space, however, you don’t ever need to worry about all the things that you need to manually set up, and all the cost that would follow them. Coworking spaces are those that are engineered in such a way that you can come in and immediately get your work underway.

Think about it, what all do you need when you set up an office space? Mailing facility? Printing? How about Front Desk service and conference rooms? These amenities and more are a given when you talk about the realm of coworking spaces. You, you just have to take care of your business. 🙂

Compared to a standard lease, up to 15% can be saved per seat in a coworking environment! [Source]


2. The ease that they give you with staff that is already there!

Coworking spaces are those that house usually, a variety of startups, businesses, freelancers, and virtually everything else that fits under the sun. Shared office spaces employ a common staff and hence, all the kind of people that you’ll ever need to employ for regular maintenance, housekeeping and as already mentioned, front desk service, will already be there the day you move into a plug n play office!

gyanspace coworking space amenities front desk
Pictured: Front Desk Service offered by GyanSpace, a coworking space based out in Electronic City, Bangalore


3. The sheer flexibility that coworking spaces offer

If you’re here already, reading this, you are likely young with a mind that shies away from a life of mundane rigidity. It’s why you have a startup in the first place – you crave breaking away from the norm of rigidity. When you come to a coworking space, you have a variety of ways to work. Usually, a shared office space has a hot seat, an open office, and a private office broadly speaking. The point is, there’s variety – the kind that is oft non-existent in conventional office spaces.  Depending upon what you are willing to pay, you can work from any of these different classes.

Plus, in the world of plug n play, there usually exist cafe-esque regions, and should you choose, you can do that too. Flexibility and the annihilation of stiff rigidity is a hallmark of a good coworking space, and should you choose to focus more on the growth of your startup than anything else, this point too, along with the rest, should be kept in mind!

gyanspace coworking space bangalore
The work cafe styled region seen in GyanSpace

4. Networking, connections, and more connections!

Needless to say, we are social animals. Since the dawn of evolution, we’ve lived in groups and hunted in pairs. A normal office is just like any other normal human group – the ones in the group think alike and work towards a common goal. However, the more closed the group is, the more it can grow to be stagnant.

Coworking spaces help you bid goodbye to the stagnating of thoughts. In a shared office space, you will get to meet a plethora of different people, from different regions, from different companies with varying ethos. Plug n play office spaces open up the opportunity to easily interact with these different people and from them, you can learn a heck of a lot. No, it isn’t a one-way street. Humans are social beings that learn from interacting with each other and in a coworking space, you can interact with other startups and freelancers, learn, laugh, play games with, and grow.

gyanspace coworking space electronic city
Pictured: An interactive session at GyanSpace that saw various people from various firms, interact and expand in depth, within the purviews of the field of knowledge.


Concluding thoughts:

Coworking spaces are brilliant even for conventionally large firms, but that’s for another day. You, you with a brilliant startup in hand, most definitely should not let it go to waste by focusing on that which you needn’t. You, you with a brilliant startup in hand, should move into the world of convenience a coworking space offers, and get your product shining through to the world.

Have anything to add or start a conversation with? Then drop them in the comments section below. It’s important to have a dialog for all of us to grow. 🙂


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