Every year, as we grow older, there are things from the memory that slip away from us, like grains of thin sand, do, through our embracing fingers. Every year, however, no matter how faded the realm of memory gets, we all tend to remember this much at least: The birthdays of those we love – well, at least, most birthdays! On Wednesday, at GyanSpace, we had a bit of a birthday blast for everyone’s favorite, Lord Ganesha! Ha!
The birthday blast, of course, wasn’t one with cakes and candles that were blown. The birthday was one where Rajan donned the role of the one to do the spiritual formalities that His birthday demanded.
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A lot of different people from a lot of different companies within the shared office space had gathered to witness the resplendent pooja
A better angle of the same

There’s something else we suspect, people looked forward to more ..

gyanspace coworking space electronic city
The birthday boy!
As the birthday boy, Lord Ganesha sat majestically, replete with all that makes him such a sight to look at, including food that’s ever the allure, the pooja was getting over. As it was going on, others joined Rajan, and devotions were running high. Along with the devotions, craving for food did, too, but unfortunately, we’ve planned against posting pictures of people hogging on the kozhakattais and the sundals of the day!
Let’s continue looking at the pictures from the rituals, for now.
gyanspace coworking space electronic city
Pictured: Jasintha doing a part of the rituals
gyanspace coworking space electronic city
Balu showcasing his faith during the pooja


That was basically it. Some food, some sweet devotion, and a few minutes of the holy ritual. With these, GyanSpace marches on, one more foot, in its delightful functioning.

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