Amongst the host of benefits a coworking space such as GyanSpace provides, the advantage of having a virtual office is in many ways, underrated.

Come home, be home, but have an office. Work from home, reap the pros that they offer but have a stable base to go to should a proper work-environment is the need of the hour. This, people, is the concept of a virtual office in one line. Perhaps two.


Try Virtual Office Spaces!

Seriously, from getting unlimited usage of Tea and Coffee, to meeting rooms being available at your disposal at a mere 99 INR/Hour, it sounds like a pretty good deal already!


Staying at home, of course, you can make your own coffee and tea, but if you’re a fan of being sensible, perhaps, the idea of unlimited coffee and tea will have an abundance in allure.

Okay, let’s leave aside the caffeine rush factor for a second. If you subscribe to a virtual office plan – specifically one that we have at GyanSpace – you get access to our Boardroom at a mere 99 INR/hour. In the boardroom, built as robust as any boardroom can be, you get to indulge in highly professional meets.

GyanSpace Coworking Space Electronic City Bangalore
The majestic conference room! Huddle up with your colleagues here for all vital meets!

Not everyone who freelances or works from home has any sort of access to high-quality printing. But those with a virtual office at GyanSpace do. At just 1 INR for an A4 printout, it is a part of the steal of a deal.

This and more are covered at the At the “plans” section of our site. Copying from there, here’s a tl;dr version of this piece:

  • Unlimited usage of Tea and Coffee Services.
  • Meeting room 99 INR/ Hour (FCFS)
  • Boardroom access 499 INR Per Hour
  • Working Hours 9 AM – 8 PM Monday to Friday
  • Printer Access 1 INR per A4 printout
  • Event Space Access INR 999 for 4 hours
  • Parking 99 INR for 8 Hours
  • Lan 2000 Per Port


Work from home, work from the office, work from somewhere in between, or work from a virtual office. Thing is, more power to you!



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